1. FEST 13 » Kind of Like Spitting


    Kind of Like Spitting is coming to Fest! See y’all in Florida!

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  2. Zookeeper - Pink Chalk - Alternative Press

    We have a new review of Zookeeper’s “Pink Chalk”, this time from Alternative Press

    "It’s a perfect Sunday morning record, the kind of music that makes your spirit warm (“Universe Song”) and your eyes water just a little bit (“Two Part Invention”)."

    Thanks for the write-up! You can read the rest of the interview, here:http://www.altpress.com/reviews/entry/zookeeper_pink_chalk

    Zookeeper's “Pink Chalk” is still available!! You can pick it up from our web store, below!

    If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the album yet, you can stream “Pink Chalk” in its entirety over at the CYLS Bandcamp page or at CYLS’ SoundCloud page


  3. sadddad:

    Mountains For Clouds - I’m Tough, My Whole Body’s a Callus (alternative version?) on The Very Show

    check this out, doggie dogs.

    Remember that time mountainsforclouds played live on The Very Show? They played “I’m Tough, My Whole Body’s a Callus” from “Maybe It’s Already Everywhere”. You can pick up the LP as well as other MFC releases from our web store

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  4. Joie De Vivre - "Wait, Wait, Wait...How Soon IS Now?" Live at Little Elephant

    This just in: joiedevivreband have posted their second littleelephantlive video. Check out “Wait, Wait, Wait…How Soon IS Now?”


    ICYMI: Watch Joie De Vivre play “At Least I Tried” from their LP, “We’re All Better Than This”. Check it out!!


    We still have copies of “We’re All Better Than This” on CD. Order yours today!


  5. Soundsupply: Absolute Punk

    Only 11 hours left to pick up AbsolutePunk.net's 15-albums-for-$15 (including Free Throw's “Lavender Town”) Soundsupply drop.

    ICYMI: We’ve also got a new review for Free Throw’s “Those Days Are Gone”, this time, from Craig Reviews Music. Thanks for the review!!

    "This is a record you can immerse yourself in, it’s warm with some real gravity to it, and you can take comfort and find solace in a lot of the tracks here.."

  6. woodgraves:

Calculator | This Will Come To Pass


    Calculator | This Will Come To Pass


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  7. dowsingband:

Camped in Hillsdale State Park - Kansas.
Refreshed and ready for Wichita, KS tonight at Kirby’s!


    Camped in Hillsdale State Park - Kansas.

    Refreshed and ready for Wichita, KS tonight at Kirby’s!


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  8. Hightide Hotel - "Naturally" - ALBUM REVIEW

    We’ve got a new review for Hightide Hotel's “Naturally” from JakobsAlbumReviews! Thanks for the write up!

    "Hightide Hotel write awesome songs that all have equal sense of purpose. This is a band that’s breaking up, but not one that sounds out of sync or disharmonious with each other."

    Order your copy of “Naturally” from our web store TODAY!! You can also purchase the album from iTunes and Amazon.com

    You can stream “Naturally” via bandcamp, Spotify and SoundCloud



  9. Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Split, by Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers

    How’s everyone’s day going so far? Take it up a notch with Warren Franklin & the Founding FathersMikey Erg split, streaming over at bandcamp

    You can order your copy of the split from our web store, currently available in either orange crush or black:http://countyourluckystars.bigcartel.com/product/mikey-erg-warren-franklin-the-founding-fathers-split-7

  10. Kittyhawk drinks the Kool-Aid in the video for “Welcome Home”

    Have you seen the music video for Kittyhawk's “Welcome Home”? The A.V. Club is streaming it right now!

    Order your copy of the new album, “Hello, Again”, from our web store (also available as a t-shirt bundle) TODAY!!

    In case you haven’t heard the new album yet, you can stream it at SoundCloud and the CYLS bandcamp
    BC: https://soundcloud.com/countyourluckystars/sets/kittyhawk-hello-again

    SC: https://countyourluckystars.bandcamp.com/album/hello-again

    Kittyhawk is on tour with Into It. Over It. RIGHT NOW!! Check the dates and info below and catch them in a city near you!


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